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Sangiovese 2016

Sangiovese 2016

The wonderful Italian grape, Sangiovese, is one of the oldest known varieties in the world. Its beauty lies in its ability to produce wines that are highly concentrated in flavour yet have a lighter, more approachable structure.

TROPHY Best Alternative Red 2017 National Winewise Awards


Growing Sangiovese is not for sissies. It takes dedication, patience, sacrifice and a sense of humour to get this variety over the line. The problem with Sangiovese is that it often wants to over-crop which means big berries, big bunches and lots of them. Fruit thinning early in the season is key.

Winemaking Notes

We remove approximately 20% of the juice to produce our Sangiovese Rosé. This concentrates the remaining juice which we cold-soak on skins for 2-3 days prior to fermentation. We only use older French oak so as not to overpower the fruit. The wine is racked frequently to aerate and soften the tannins.


Alchol 13.7%
pH 3.46
TA 6.6g/L

Tasting Notes

Medium bodied yet complex, this wine is all about flavour. Sweet cherry and leather tones and loaded with smoky chocolate and mushroom characters. The savoury tannins and complex fruit characters make this an ideal food wine. Great with any tomato based dishes.