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Sangiovese 2014

Sangiovese 2014

The wonderful Italian grape, Sangiovese, is one of the oldest known varieties in the world. Its beauty lies in its ability to produce wines that are highly concentrated in flavour yet have a lighter, more approachable structure than Cabernet or Shiraz. The 2014 Sangiovese is a perfect example of this accessible, ready to drink style.


The grapes used in our Sangiovese were grown on a southwest-facing slope in the Broke-Fordwich sub region of the Hunter Valley. The vineyard lies at the foot of the sandstone cliffs on free draining 'mountain wash' soil. An open canopy and an excellent aspect created perfect conditions for steady ripening and brilliant colour development.

Winemaking Notes

In 2014, the grapes were harvested in the last week of February. The fruit was crushed to open fermenters and approximately 30% of the juice was removed to produce our Sangiovese Rose. The remaining juice was fermented on skins for 10 days. The wine was then pressed and transferred to 1 and 2 year old French barriques. The wine was racked frequently to aerate and soften the tannins.


Alchol 13.6%
pH 3.44
TA 6.4g/L

Tasting Notes

Our 2014 Sangiovese is imbued with sweet cherry and leather tones and loaded with fabulous smoky chocolate and mushroom characters. The savoury tannins and complex fruit characters make this an ideal food wine. Great with any tomato based dishes.